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Fluxventure™ Multifunctional Bridge Pillow

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Fluxventure™ Multifunctional Bridge Pillow

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Best night sleep ever!

Wow best night sleep I’ve had in years. I have stuffed with neck pain and fight with my pillow every night. My new pillow arrived yesterday and I just through it’s worth a try. It’s memory foam so it was very comfortable, it fitted into my neck/shoulder. I am very pleased and will be buying again in the future. If you suffer with neck problem try this pillow. 100% happy

Funky Design, Comfortable Fit.

I work in an office job where I have an office to myself and sometimes all I want for lunch is a nap. I was looking for a pillow option that wasn’t an obvious giant pillow, not as ridiculous looking as an “ostrich” pillow and I found this. It’s just what I was looking for, it’s small enough that I can put it in a desk drawer when I’m not using it, and I don’t look like a crazy person if someone comes in my office. I tried it last week and had no problem falling asleep for a 30 minute lunch nap. I love that it has a spot for your arm under it, which makes it much more comfortable if you’re paying forward on a desk using it. 5/5, would recommend to any other overworked office napper.

Great for a good night's sleep

This is a really great product. I bought it for my husband who has tried several of this type of pillow to replace an old one he had had for years. This is the only one that he has found both comfortable and supportive. He is a larger chap and other pillows were a bit small but this is the same size as a regular pillow; is really soft to the touch yet supports his neck.

High density (quality) memory foam and eye catching

I owed couple neck pillow previously, but none are nice and soft as this. It is like the memory foam pillow using at night.

I used this during my trip to Japan, it is an 12 hours flight and thank to this travel pillow, it help me slept most of the time.

I can't really describe how soft the pillow is... but it's super soft. The fabric is nice and doesn't seem like it would irritate over long trips or flights. There's a zipper for the cover as well, so you could remove it and wash it if you really needed.

Excellent Pillow! Soft but supportive…

This pillow is fantastic! I actually use this pillow to support my head and neck. It is soft but does not compress like my regular foam pillow does. My regular foam pillow compresses so much that my head sinks all the way into the pillow, past my ears... This pillow does not cause that problem. Instead, my head and neck rests on the pillow – not in it. It provides enough support so that there is no gap between my neck and my bed, but still it “gives” enough to softly cradle my head without causing that sinking feeling I get from my regular foam pillow. When I first tried this pillow, I experienced a sense of relaxation and comfort that is absolutely beyond description!

Be mindful, when shopping around for this type of pillow, that you get a 100% memory foam pillow (like this one) – and not a memory foam layered pillow. Both types can be advertized as a memory foam pillow. There is a huge difference between the two – and not just in price. I’ve also had memory foam regular pillows that were extremely firm (hard). The density of the memory foam determines if the pillow (or other memory foam products) is hard or soft. Just FYI.

I highly recommend this product. To me, it’s a little slice of Heaven!