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Peek a Boo Elephant

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Customer Reviews

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Sweet, adorable

My adult daughter suffered a TBI 7 years ago. She is now a child. Mia is only 4'10", tiny and cute. She always loved elephants. When I saw this, I thought she would enjoy. I could not wait until Christmas! I had no idea just how she would respond. It was so moving, I cried! She began to play peek a boo and giggled with glee! This is a wonderful toy, so cute, soft and sweet. I would imagine any child would share in my daughters reaction!
If you're reading this, please offer a good thought or prayer for Mia. Thank you, God bless you.

Hey Baby!

One of the cutest toys I have bought. Purchased for granddaughter and she loves it! Her Mom always says, "hey, baby" to her so it amazed her. She loves the ears moving.

This is second product review I have sent. Grandbaby plays with this all of the time and she loves it! It is also holding up nicely. She likes to put her face between the ears while it is playing.The most favorite toy I have bought in a very long time. It is so sweet.

You will win the best gift ever award with this.

I bought this for my 1yr old niece and when she pulled it out of the bag she hugged it. When I said "hit the play button" and it played peekaboo she laughed and gave it a big kiss. Then when it sang "Do your ears hang low" She flipped out hugged it tight as tight could be and laughed. You will definitely win the birthday/Christmas/whatever you are celebrating party with this. I wouldn't recommend this for a baby shower though. It's definitely better when the kid understands how to push buttons and hold things for their self. Even mommy loved this! (and it makes noise so you know its great when mommy loves a noise making toy)

Cutest toy ever

I purchased two of these for new babies that arrived in our family. I was amazed at the quality of the sound and of the movement. These are wonderful toys for two and three years olds. The ones in the family were having so much fun with it I doubt if it survives long enough for the new baby to ever see it. I showed it to several people prior to giving them away and everyone laughed and totally enjoyed this elephant. No kidding, I wish I would have bought one for myself! Yes I do recommend this toy. Be sure to get the Fluxventure brand. I see there are some knockoffs being offered for a lower price. I haven't seen one of those but can't imagine they would have the quality of this elephant.

Very adorable!

Super cute! Its more of a decoration then a stuffed animal, but its adorable! The bottom of the elephant has a 4x3 flap of material over where the batteries go. The battery compartment is safe, but its rather hard plastic The flap barely covers the compartment and latches with just one peice of Velcro. The flappy ears are adorable, but my sister was nervous to let my nephew hold on to them, because they seem like they could break easily. But with supervision, any little tyke will love it My two year old nephew laughs and laughs!! (Also should note that it does say "peek a boo baby." So if you have a toddler who is a "big boy/girl" they might not like being called a baby.)